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West Kent

Rapid Assessment/Urgent

APCOS was set up to reduce Rapid access workload and see patients in the community for patients
registered with West Kent GP

Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm

Email referral to APCOS (via email address):

Please include patient’s telephone number as they will be contacted directly by telephone. APCOS emails are read hourly and an email response is sent to the referrer, advising triaging outcome. Patients will either be sent to Maidstone Hospital; APCOS same day appointment or COT early appointment but not same day. Patients will be seen by clinicians with extended roles; either specialist registered independent prescribing optometrists or a GPwER. (John Gurney, Deacon Harle, Niall O'Kane, Chirag Patel) or (Dr Stuart Williams).


Adults – refer to Primary Care Bookings Service (PCBS). Only under 16’s should be referred to GP
for Ophthalmic problems.

Referrals can be emailed (via email account) to or posted to
Primary Care Bookings Service, Johnstone Room, EEMU Theatres, Maidstone Hospital, Hermitage Lane, Maidstone, ME16 9QQ

Telephone: 01622 228395 (Ophthalmology)

Any queries or issues, please contact Ophthalmology on the telephone number above.

Optometrists can refer directly, via email, to the acute Community Ophthalmology Service:

Maidstone Hospital

Rapid Access:
Tel no: 01622 226228 (if referral requires urgent advice or action)
Maidstone Wet AMD: